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Why ecoChici?

We love buying gifts for our friends and family, and bundling up those gifts in attractive wrapping is all part of the fun. Here at ecoChici, we love wrapping too.

One thing we love even more than wrapping is reusable wrapping. Wrapping that looks nice the first time you wrap with it, and the second, third and fourth times too. Wrapping that doesn’t end up in a rubbish bin the day after you buy it. Wrapping that is a gift unto itself.

Small changes lead to a big change

We are all striving to reduce our impact on the planet, a goal which can sometimes seem overwhelming. It’s important to balance our environmental aspirations within the realities of day-to-day life, so it’s good to know that small changes can have a big impact!

For example, if every household in Australia used an ecoChici (or other reusable) wrap just once in place of traditional wrapping paper, enough wrapping paper to cover the surface of the MCG more than 26 times would be saved. That’s a big change in anyone’s book.