I listed a few items for hire today on OpenShed, and it’s reminded me to share the love!

The slogan of OpenShed is why buy when you can share? And it’s a great ethos. Think of the tools and appliances you have in your home, and consider how often they are used. Now consider the resources that went into manufacturing and packaging that appliance!

OpenShed is a great way to share ANYTHING with your local community and make a bit of cash on the side (or donate it to charity), and it’s also a great way to save money and resources the next time you need hedge clippers, a high pressure washer or even a cake tin!

We have several items listed with the site, and the process of hiring objects out is really simple and it feels good to be working with the local community to be saving resources, and also helping other people to save a bit of money.

Check out OpenShed and list away!

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