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You mean I just buy this and give it away?

Look at it this way – the ecoChici can form part of the gift you are giving to your BFF/girlfriend/boyfriend/bus driver/psychiatrist, because they’ll be able to use it too. Factor it into your gift budget. And hopefully there will be such a critical mass of ecoChici’s in the world one that you’ll get one back one day.

Or, make it clear that you’d like the wrap back again when you give the gift – that’s ok too.

Or use your ecoChici’s just within your household or immediate family. Our Christmas Pack is designed specifically for this purpose – keep them with your Christmas decorations and use them year after year. Both of the founding partners still have and use their Santa sacks from childhood (and we’re not disclosing how long ago that was, but it was a while).

It’s not practical to replace all my paper wrapping with this, why should I bother?

You’re right, it’s may not be practical to use ecoChici for every single gift you give – and that’s OK. Remember that making positive changes, however small, is a good thing. By using your ecoChici just once a year, you’re contributing to a reduction in wasted paper.

Oh no! My wrap got birthday cake on it! Can I wash it?

Absolutely! See our care instructions for more information.

Can I order a custom design/print?

Sure! Contact us for more information.

How is it different from Furoshiki?

It’s way easier – no fancy knot tying (unless you want to) or special techniques that you need to know. Our fabrics are also available in occasion-specific prints (e.g. Happy Birthday).

Why are the ribbon clips so long?

We made the ribbon clips long so all gift sizes could be catered for. Depending on the size of the gift you are wrapping, there’ll either be a little, or a lot of ribbon left over after tying. We don’t recommend you cut your ribbons if the gift is small. Instead, why not use the extra ribbon to add some flair to your wrap? Try your hand at tying a fancy bow.