If ever there were two products that were made for each other it’s the Cuisipro Soap Dispenser & EcoStore Hand Wash!

We have been using the lovely Eco Store products around the house for some time, but recently saw the Cuisipro Soap Dispenser at my cousin’s house. It is, like all good ideas, brilliantly simple – it turns any hand wash into foam.

Have you ever noticed how most people (sorry, yes I notice these things…) will depress the plunger on the soap dispenser all the way down to the bottom despite the fact that we really only need a pea-sized blob to make a good, hygienic lather?

The foamy soap dispenser solves this problem leading to less soap wastage and kids love using it, which can’t be a bad thing! Since we started using one at home we are purchasing hand wash about 1/4 as frequently as before – and yet our hands remain germ free 😉 We are saving money but also using less packaging etc. Buying the refill packs of hand wash rather than the dispenser is also saving packaging and resources.

  • Eco Store Hand Wash Refill is available at major Australian supermarkets.
  • Cuisipro Soap Dispenser purchased from Kitchenware Direct.


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