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As Sustainably As Possible (ASAP) is a socially responsible network that provides simple solutions to leading a more sustainable lifestyle. They invite us to make changes to our habits and behaviours – swapping reusable for disposable, cycling instead of driving, buying less plastic – the possibilities are endless.

ASAP invited Amy from ecoChici to make a pledge cast video – please watch and share.

What small changes can you pledge to make?

At times it’s hard to keep our festive and sustainable selves in harmony – especially at this time of year, we want to give and share and take part in the ritual gift giving at Christmas time. Sometimes when we feel we can’t behave in a 100% responsible way we feel overwhelmed and give up altogether.

Guess what? Doing a little bit is better than doing nothing at all, so please don’t feel overwhelmed and give up.

Here are some simple ways to participate in a traditional Christmas and reduce your impact. Remember – if we all do a little bit, it leads to a big impact. Challenge yourself to take on one or all of these suggestions.

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The lovely Diana Barnett has selected ecoChici to feature in a vendor profile this month. Check it out here!

Examining the true cost of cheap appliances and proprietary consumables. Do you remember a time, years ago, when appliances like printers and coffee machines cost money – proper money – and replacing the ink (or ribbon – remember those?) was relatively cheap.

Somewhere along the way, manufacturers realised they could make more money out of us by practically giving the printer away, and making the consumables wildly expensive and non-interchangeable with other models. In fact, ink cartridges often cost more than the machine you bought in the first place. Not to mention that they are now reducing the volume of ink in the cartridges, forcing you to buy them even more frequently. Clever printer companies!

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