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As Sustainably As Possible (ASAP) is a socially responsible network that provides simple solutions to leading a more sustainable lifestyle. They invite us to make changes to our habits and behaviours – swapping reusable for disposable, cycling instead of driving, buying less plastic – the possibilities are endless.

ASAP invited Amy from ecoChici to make a pledge cast video – please watch and share.

What small changes can you pledge to make?

If ever there were two products that were made for each other it’s the Cuisipro Soap Dispenser & EcoStore Hand Wash!

We have been using the lovely Eco Store products around the house for some time, but recently saw the Cuisipro Soap Dispenser at my cousin’s house. It is, like all good ideas, brilliantly simple – it turns any hand wash into foam.

Have you ever noticed how most people (sorry, yes I notice these things…) will depress the plunger on the soap dispenser all the way down to the bottom despite the fact that we really only need a pea-sized blob to make a good, hygienic lather?

The foamy soap dispenser solves this problem leading to less soap wastage and kids love using it, which can’t be a bad thing! Since we started using one at home we are purchasing hand wash about 1/4 as frequently as before – and yet our hands remain germ free 😉 We are saving money but also using less packaging etc. Buying the refill packs of hand wash rather than the dispenser is also saving packaging and resources.

Eco Store Hand Wash Refill is available at major Australian supermarkets. Cuisipro Soap Dispenser purchased from Kitchenware Direct.


I listed a few items for hire today on OpenShed, and it’s reminded me to share the love!

The slogan of OpenShed is why buy when you can share? And it’s a great ethos. Think of the tools and appliances you have in your home, and consider how often they are used. Now consider the resources that went into manufacturing and packaging that appliance!

OpenShed is a great way to share ANYTHING with your local community and make a bit of cash on the side (or donate it to charity), and it’s also a great way to save money and resources the next time you need hedge clippers, a high pressure washer or even a cake tin!

We have several items listed with the site, and the process of hiring objects out is really simple and it feels good to be working with the local community to be saving resources, and also helping other people to save a bit of money.

Check out OpenShed and list away!

As we (finally) head in to summer, many of us will be heading to the beach to cool off and enjoy the serenity.

While you’re wandering around and enjoying the sand between your toes, you might notice bottle tops, disposable cutlery, packaging and other random pieces of plastic on the beach.

When I’m visiting the beach I make it a personal mission to pick up any rubbish that’s in my path and take it to the bin. Sometimes I’m a bit obsessive and end up with armfuls of debris – but that’s just the neat freak in me coming out. Imagine my joy when I discovered the wonderful organisation Take3. I am not alone in my beach cleaning habits, and guess what – you can join in too!

The message of Take3 is simple – take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or… anywhere and you have made a difference.

I love the idea that through a lot of people taking small actions we can together make a big impact.

So when you’re at the beach this summer challenge yourself to Take3.

At times it’s hard to keep our festive and sustainable selves in harmony – especially at this time of year, we want to give and share and take part in the ritual gift giving at Christmas time. Sometimes when we feel we can’t behave in a 100% responsible way we feel overwhelmed and give up altogether.

Guess what? Doing a little bit is better than doing nothing at all, so please don’t feel overwhelmed and give up.

Here are some simple ways to participate in a traditional Christmas and reduce your impact. Remember – if we all do a little bit, it leads to a big impact. Challenge yourself to take on one or all of these suggestions.

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The lovely Diana Barnett has selected ecoChici to feature in a vendor profile this month. Check it out here!

Examining the true cost of cheap appliances and proprietary consumables. Do you remember a time, years ago, when appliances like printers and coffee machines cost money – proper money – and replacing the ink (or ribbon – remember those?) was relatively cheap.

Somewhere along the way, manufacturers realised they could make more money out of us by practically giving the printer away, and making the consumables wildly expensive and non-interchangeable with other models. In fact, ink cartridges often cost more than the machine you bought in the first place. Not to mention that they are now reducing the volume of ink in the cartridges, forcing you to buy them even more frequently. Clever printer companies!

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