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We have worked hard to ensure that ecoChici has been designed and manufactured in Australia. We are very passionate about keeping manufacturing skills and infrastructure in Australia, as well as the carbon footprint associated with freighting materials and products around the world. Manufacturing offshore would also make it difficult to ensure that factories used meet minimum labor standards. This increases manufacturing costs, however cost is not always the best measure of value.


Our exclusive textile designs are created in our studio located in bayside Melbourne. The design team, Amy Lewis and Lindsay Gardiner, produce the initial concepts as well as the screen artwork. Many designs are created which are then refined to the final few which actually go to print. Hours are spent poring over print and ribbon colours to arrive at combinations that excite us – think kids and candy stores, and that’s the general atmosphere.


Our gorgeous designs are hand screenprinted in Melbourne, by the talented printINK studio.

Sewing & Packing

We are very proud to work with Radius Disability Services. Radius Disability Services is a not-for-profit community organisation providing services and supported employment for people with a disability. Not only is it a great feeling to be manufacturing in Australia, but we are supporting a really worthy organisation whose vision is to create dignity, opportunity and choice for people with a disability.