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Our Story

The night was dark and stormy (or was that humid?)…

Ok, so we’re not here to produce a work of fiction, but we do want to give you a little bit of background on where this all came from.

ecoChici was founded in 2012 by us, the handsome people pictured right, Phil and Amy Lewis.

Let’s cut to the chase then. We’re hippies. Not your bearded, unwashed, tree-climbing, bulldozer-chaining kind, more your latte-sipping, suburban middle-class concerned citizens. We’re not extremists, but we do believe in making measurable improvements. We believe that change takes effort, but it also takes time and works well when done in bite-sized chunks.

So, ecoChici is us taking our first little bite-sized chunk out of the problem of wrapping paper waste.

How it all started

Her take

One fine Mother’s Day, Phil was running a little behind with his gift giving duties and was wrapping the gift literally 5 minutes before he was due to give it to me. He asked me if I minded if he wrapped my gift in a sheet – a fitted one if memory serves. In the midst of a princess moment, I demanded wrapping more befitting the occasion and awaited my gift and breakfast in bed.

Later that day during lunch Phil suddenly exclaimed, “Someone should make cloth wrapping paper!”. We pretty much cancelled the rest of Mother’s Day such was our excitement, and ecoChici was born.

We are a creative household, and product and business ideas are exclaimed with alarming regularity, but this is one of the few that we have really pushed through with. We both believe strongly in making an effort to live in a more responsible and ethical way, and the wastage involved with wrapping paper (and other single use products) is a regular point of discussion.

We hope that through ecoChici we can be a part of positive change and reduction of waste.

Along the way we have been fortunate to receive help and support from our wonderful family and friends – please consider yourselves thanked. xxx